A visit to the Apple Store

Recently I’ve spent some time in the Barcelona’s Apple Store in Passeig de Gràcia, meandering between the tables. Here are the conclusions I came to:

– The 27-inch Cinema Display is exposed in a corner, as it should, because it does not compare well with the new iMac screens.
– It’s been said that the iPad Pro is a too heavy to hold it with your hands, but it seems an overstatement. I found it light for its size. Its keyboard —just for exhibition purposes; it was the US English version— is functional but too thick and quite ugly.
– The four tables devoted to the watch didn’t draw anyone’s attention. (I confirmed it in a second visit.)
– The new Magic Keyboard models are excessively compact. However, if I was forced to use one, I’d end up adapting my typing to it. The lack of space around the four arrow keys is the main gripe. The actual typing, which is really sensitive, doesn’t feel wrong at all.


– The AppleTV’s remote control is quite unfortunate. Its weight and touch don’t make it comfortable. The vertical and horizontal navigation would require the usual four arrow buttons. Using your finger in the touch surface to navigate is a pain in the neck.
– I believed that the big iPhone, the 6s Plus, would never appeal to me, but I was wrong. It’s the coolest one. Pictures, maps, notes, web pages… all of them ought to be displayed in screens like that, never a smaller one. As for the disproportionate size of the device as a phone, that’s a secondary factor.

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