QuarkXPress and InDesign as tools for copy editors?

Typesetters are those who tinker with the text inside the text boxes when working with QuarkXPress and InDesign. They have to deal with unexpected end-of-line word divisions and the behaviour of words not yet in dictionaries. What QuarkXPress and InDesign offer is a way to keep custom word divisions and to create user-defined dictionaries. Consequently, in this matter, shouldn’t typesetters and copy editors be allies?

To be honest, there is more than that. Copy editors would be grateful to replace Word with Quark or InDesign. In addition to end-of-line word divisions, they would be able to control the use of hard and thin spaces, soft hyphens and particular Unicode characters. Not only would they be more efficient, they would work a lot more comfortably.

I definitely can see these two page-layout applications as tools for keeping a tight rein on the text and a valuable asset for copy editors.