Mellel vs Nisus

The first characteristic that emerges when you start using Mellel is how fast the application reacts to actions. I attribute it to its being based on XML. The second is how styles are organised. Paragraph and character styles are separate entities, so I can have one paragraph style for quotations and different character styles for Italian, English (UK), Catalan… And there are page styles, too. In regard to both features, Mellel drifts apart from Nisus, which is based on RTF and has a more standard approach to styles.

It’s hard on everyone to start using a word processor from scratch, but many documents cannot be written in plain text. It’d be worse to pay a monthly subscription to Adobe or to buy a QuarkXPress 2015 one-time license. In my opinion, Mellel is well worth the effort.


Mellel, good news

I feel sorry for Nisus Writer people, but Mellel (38,99€ at the Mac App Store) has just made a huge step forward: in the middle of June its sibling application for iPad came to light (19,99€ a l’App Store). According to its presentation on the web, there is “complete fidelity” between the documents on the two platforms.

Mellel is a text processor intended to handle long documents, even if they are written in non-Latin alphabets. One Mellel’s functionality that seems to be ahead of what Nisus Writer offers is the management of word partitions. We’ll have to buy both applications to assess their virtues by ourselves.


Mellel, una bona notícia

Em sap greu per la gent de Nisus Writer, però Mellel (38,99€ a la Mac App Store) ha fet un gran salt endavant: a mitjan juny en va sortir l’aplicació germana per a iPad (19,99€ a l’App Store). Segons la presentació a la botiga d’aplicacions, hi ha una compatibilitat completa entre les versions dues versions, de sobretaula i de dispositiu mòbil.

Mellel és un processador de textos pensat per crear documents llargs i també que s’escriguin en llengües amb alfabets diferents del llatí. Una funcionalitat que sembla que està molt per davant del que ofereix Nisus Writer és la gestió de les particions de paraules. Haurem de fer el pas i comprar les dues aplis per comprovar en primera persona les virtuts que s’hi entreveuen.